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April 2017

Customer Very Happy with New External Tube Bundle Cleaner

Andrew Rettie of Denholm MacNamee and Calder’s Jim McNicol witnessed a successful factory acceptance test of the latest semi-automated tube bundle cleaning machine

On a sunny day in Catania, Sicily, the unit performed a full function test on a dirty tube bundle demonstrating not only the ease of use but also the effectiveness of the process. The unit has a vertical working range of up to 185 cm and a horizontal travel of 9 metres, and the jetting head can be tilted through 90 degrees.

Consistent with Calder’s strive towards removing the operator from the hazards of water jetting operations such as high reaction forces and high water pressures, the IdroKid places the operator away from the action in an air-conditioned, ergonomic cab.

Calder External Tube Bundle Cleaner
Calder External Tube Bundle Cleaner


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