Hammelmann High Pressure Technology Symposium
11 October 2018, Hammelmann, Oelde, Germany

Hammelmann Symposium

Waterjetting equipment demonstrations and presentations

As their UK agents, we are delighted to invite you to the Hammelmann High Pressure Technology Symposium showcasing the latest in waterjetting technology at their facility in Oelde, Germany.

In addition to Hammelmann products, there will also be demonstrations, presentations and equipment on display from leading suppliers in the industry.

Should you wish to attend, please email Andrew Johnstone by Wednesday 12 September - aj@calder.co.uk


  • Making the switch: Why high-pressure surface preparation supersedes sandblasting in China’s shipyards
  • Improving Aquafarming with high-pressure cleaning solutions
  • Energy efficient multi-consumer systems with responsive control technology
  • Improving efficiency and safety in tube and tube bundle cleaning
  • New products for corrosion protection
  • Hydrodemolition: Trends and Applications
  • Latest developments in concrete repair


  • Deburring and cleaning of high-alloyed stainless steels with high pressure technology
  • Tube and tube bundle cleaning
  • Mobile water treatment
  • Industrial applications
  • Water jet cutting with fast-switching plunger pumps
  • Operator safety in high pressure applications
  • Preparation of metal surfaces with automated cleaning systems
  • High pressure pump unit with electrically operated intermediate gearbox
  • Selective removal of concrete
  • Latest developments in concrete repair
  • Energy efficient multi-consumer systems
  • Hot water applications with Thermojet unit
  • Dynamic high-frequency component testing
  • New trends in the descaling of steel

High pressure cleaningSurface roughening

We look forward to welcoming you to the Hammelmann Symposium.