High Pressure Industrial Pump Applications:

High pressure metal cutting with water.

Cutting through 100mm thick steel

Industrial high pressure cleaning.

Food industry waterjet cleaning

High pressure industrial pipe cleaning.

High pressure tube and pipe cleaning

SpiderJet high pressure paint removal unit

Semi-automatic surface preparation

Industrial high pressure cleaning.

High pressure waterblast cleaning

High pressure cutting.

Cold cutting

Industrial Pumping Introduction

Pumping butane at high pressure, removing baked-on food products, surface preparation prior to painting, cold cutting through 100mm thick structural steel – just some of the many applications of our industrial pumps.

With the ever-reliable Hammelmann high pressure industrial pump at the heart of most of our units, we can supply cost-effective, low life cycle cost, industrial high pressure pump packages to pump almost any liquid or gas across a wide variety of applications and industrial sectors.

Industrial high pressure cleaning.

Hammelmann reciprocating pump range.

Our high pressure pump units can be configured to suit your site requirements: a basic industrial pump skid; mobile site trailer-mounted pump unit; mobile road-going high pressure pump unit; crash frame unit to provide protection during site crane and forklift movements; container unit offering maximum protection and sound-attenuation options.

Should your industrial high pressure pump requirements fall outside our standard product range, we have extensive, in-house 3D design capabilities and a wealth of experience developing bespoke pump packages for onshore and offshore customers worldwide. We offer full product familiarization training, approved waterjet training, and full spares and service support.

For a basic pump skid, or a complete system with integral controls, please call to discuss your requirements in detail: +44 (0) 1905 751790 or email sales@calder.co.uk

Industrial high pressure pump for cold cutting.

High pressure cold cutting

High pressure paint shop cleaning systems

Paint shop cleaning systems

Hydrodemolition - concrete removal.

Hydrodemolition - selective concrete removal

Standard Industrial Pumps:

Diesel powered high pressure industrial pump skid.

Diesel powered high pressure industrial pump skid

Water jetting machine

Road-going trailer-mounted high pressure jetting pump

Lightweight high pressure hot water pump unit.

Lightweight high pressure hot water pump unit with integral controls

Electric powered high pressure industrial pump skid.

Electric-powered industrial pump skid

Electric high pressure industrial pump skid with control panel.

Compact pump skid with on-board control panel

MultiJet diesel-driven high pressure industrial pump skid.

Diesel-driven high pressure industrial pump skid

Hammelmann Industrial High Pressure Pump Features:

  • low maintenance
  • pressure up to 4,000 bar
  • low footprint vertical configuration
  • full service and spares backup


  • industrial cleaning
  • food conveyor cleaning
  • descaling
  • tank cleaning
  • vessel cleaning
  • casting cleaning
  • concrete removal
  • demolition
  • hydrocleaning
  • deburring

  • paint conveyor cleaning
  • hydrostatic test
  • surface preparation

Removal of:

  • coating
  • paint
  • elastomeric
  • rubber
  • urethane
  • concrete


  • food production
  • automotive
  • nuclear
  • refineries
  • petrochemical
  • aerospace
  • ship repair
  • pharmaceutical
  • construction
  • pulp and paper
  • steel

Bespoke Industrial Pumps:

Gas driven high pressure industrial pump mounted on crash-frame.

Gas-driven high pressure industrial pump mounted on crash-frame

Skid mounted electric powered high pressure industrial pump.

Skid mounted electric powered high pressure industrial pump

Container installed high pressure industrial pump with hose-reel.

Container mounted high pressure jetting unit with integral hose-reel

Industrial pump units

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High Pressure Pasteurization

High Pressure Pasteurization (7120)

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HDP 30 Basic

HDP 30 Basic (7509)

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TST Water Jet Safety Gear Brochure

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TST Pro Operator

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