Methanol injection pump skid

Methanol injection pump skid

Methanol and Glycol (MEG) Injection

Methanol and glycol injection is used in process lines where there is a risk of hydrate formation at low temperatures. Generally applied to natural gas wells and pipelines operating at pressures up to 1,500 bar (22,000 psi) the methanol/glycol is injected at well head or subsurface during start-up/shutdown or continuously as required by the process. Very high pressures are required to overcome friction losses in long subsea pipelines where the well head can be up to 100 kms from the platform.

We have significant experience in the design and manufacture of methanol and glycol pump skids and have developed many pump skid packages to comply with hazardous area regulations and some very stringent customer specifications.

High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) is relatively new in the offshore industry. Standard operating conditions are up to 690 bar (10,000 PSI) and 300 °C, but in HPHT developments, the limits are now being pushed to 1,034 bar (15,000 PSI) and 360 °C as the increased pressure is needed when working at greater water depths. We have recently supplied pump units specifically for use in HPHT applications.

Design Options for Methanol Injection and MEG Injection Pump Units


  • Skid – lightweight
  • Crash frame – lightweight and with a greater level of protection during movements
  • Skid and hood – offers noise attenuation and protection from the environment
  • Container – gives greatest protection and noise attenuation options


  • Local
  • Remote
  • System performance/health monitoring
  • Data acquisition and logging

Hazardous Areas

  • Zone 1
  • Zone 2
  • Safe area

Methanol injection skid package

Methanol injection skid package.

Methanol injection cage package

Methanol injection crash frame.

MEG injection detail

MEG injection detail view.

The High Pressure Pump

The unique Hammelmann ‘Zero Leak’ positive displacement process pump delivers fixed or variable flow dependent on the selected drive and control system. Versatile and compact pump packages with small footprints cover a flow range from zero to 100% at flow rates from 100 lph up to 160 m³/hr achieving efficiencies of 95% ME and 95% VE (VE may vary depending on fluid compressibility).

MEG injection with integral tank

MEG injection pump skid with integral tank.

MEG injection skid mounted with protective hood

MEG injection skid mounted with protective hood.

Methanol Injection Pump Packages

Methanol Injection Pump Packages (7035)

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