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NQA Recertification

NQA Recertification.

May 2020

We are pleased to say we have successfully completed our NQA recertification to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 & ISO 45001:2018.
Seventeen years ago (December 2002), Calder achieved its first International Organization for Standardization certification for its quality management system (ISO 9001). Our compliance with the environmental (14001) and occupational health & safety (18001) standards followed. Last year, we attained ISO 45001 which supersedes ISO 18001.
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ATEX and NORSOK Waterjetting Pump and Vacuum Units

Despatch of ATEX and NORSOK Waterjetting Pump and Vacuum Units.

May 2020

A provider of critical industrial services to both onshore and offshore sectors will shortly receive their new jetting and vacuum units. Both units are suitable for ATEX Zone 2 and NORSOK hazardous area operations. These units will be utilised for offshore fabric maintenance and decontamination, and process pipe, tank and vessel cleaning.
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Remote factory acceptance test bay

Remote Factory Acceptance Test.

April 2020

To allow customers to view equipment testing without the need to travel, we have implemented an audio-visual system with fixed and mobile cameras. We believe that this remote test viewing facility will be a good method of complying with the customer’s project F.A.T. requirements whilst removing the need for the customer to be present.
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Nick Croad

We are delighted to welcome Nick Croad to the team.

April 2020

We are delighted to welcome Nick Croad to the team at Calder. Nick will be our industrial sales manager working out of our Worcester headquarters.

Nick’s career started as an apprentice at a local, family-owned company who manufactured specialist vehicles. He progressed through various departments, including testing and customer support, to become their UK and Ireland Sales Manager. He then gained experience in an entirely different industry, heading up the UK sales & marketing department of a global company specialising in surface engineering. This role covered a wide variety of engineering disciplines and industries including oil & gas, automotive, aerospace, printing, food, and pharmaceutical.

A solid engineering background coupled with experience across many industrial sectors will equip Nick well for his new role. Nick will support our many existing customers and seek new opportunities amongst the ever-growing list of industries discovering uses and applications for high pressure water.

To talk high pressure pumping call Nick on +44 (0) 7827 342358 or email

Covid 19 - We are still open and operating.

March 2020

Please see a message from our managing director about our operations during the Covid 19 situation.
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Andrew Rettie of Denholm MacNamee and Calder’s Jim McNicol

Over 40 pumps purchased in ten years.

March 2020

Denholm MacNamee, an Aberdeenshire-based support services company, has invested multi-£million in pumping equipment and accessories from Calder since 2010.
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HPHT Wash Water Skid.

Order for HPHT Wash Water Skid.

March 2020

A leading Aberdeen company has ordered two wash water pump packages for operation in a HPHT (high-pressure/high-temperature) offshore location.
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Veolia orders high pressure pump

Veolia orders high pressure pump unit for industrial cleaning applications.

February 2020

Environmental solutions provider, Veolia, invests in a high pressure waterjet unit with a fuel-saving, 3-speed manual gearbox which minimises fuel use according to the application – the first of its kind to be purchased in the UK.
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MultiJet pump unit

Returning customer orders a complete surface preparation system.

January 2020

An offshore services provider has placed an order for a system which comprises a high pressure pump unit, vacuum unit and a robot surface preparation machine to add to their existing fleet of Calder offshore equipment.
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MultiJet pump unit

High pressure pump unit for subsea tool applications

December 2019

Calder finish the year on a high with an order for one of our very successful MultiJet high pressure pump units for subsea services.
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High flow pump unit for malt screen washing

Malt Screen Wash Pump Despatched for the Brewing Industry

December 2019

On the way to our customer is this high flow pump unit for malt screen washing. The vertical pump configuration reduces the unit footprint, and the pump’s long service intervals make it a cost-effective choice for the food & beverage industry.
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Offshore high pressure pump

Customer Adds to Their Fleet of Calder Pump Units

November 2019

A major Aberdeen-based oil & gas services company has placed a repeat order for a Calder MultiJet offshore, high-pressure pump unit.

The unit can pump 34 litres of seawater per minute at pressures up to 2,500 bar and will operate in ATEX Zone 2 hazardous environments. All equipment will be housed in a DNV-certified container. One of the many features of the MultiJet range is the engine auto-throttle control (Calder Hydro-Valve) which reduces fuel consumption and pump wear by reducing engine revs to idle when the pump is not under load.

Following the build process, the unit will undergo full, in-house testing which will be witnessed by the customer ready for despatch in quarter 1, 2020. As with all our containerised, offshore MultiJet pump units design, build, and testing is done by Calder at our factory in the UK.

HPHT and base oil washdown packages

Yet another order secured for our HPHT and base oil washdown packages.

November 2019

An energy major has ordered 3 pump units for operation in an ATEX Zone 1 hazardous environment on an offshore platform.

The supply includes two units based on our standard design for HPHT washdown and one bespoke, compact unit for base oil washdown. The units will be capable of continuous pumping within the specified duty range.
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MultiJet concrete hydrodemolition at Belfast Harbour

Ammlee Group blasts almost 70m³ of concrete from Belfast Harbour with Calder MultiJet

November 2019

Hydroblasting, hydrodemolition and concrete repair specialist Ammlee Group has pressed its new Calder MultiJet unit into action on a demanding job at Belfast Harbour.

The company, which has offices in Belfast and London, and undertakes water jetting projects worldwide, took delivery of its trailer-mounted diesel-driven Calder MultiJet 170 2600 unit in June. The unit was immediately deployed on a hydroblasting job to remove 67.37 m³ of concrete from a wharf at the harbour.
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Vacuum unit

Work starts on ATEX and NORSOK Waterjetting Pump and Vacuum Units

October 2019

Altrad (formerly Cape Environmental Services), the provider of critical industrial services to both onshore and offshore sectors, has placed an order with Calder Ltd for offshore waterjetting and vacuum units, each mounted in a DNV-certified container.

Along with Altrad’s existing fleet of Calder pumps and vacuums, these units will be utilised for offshore fabric maintenance and decontamination, and process pipe, tank and vessel cleaning. Read this Altrad information and animation to discover how pump units and vacuums are used in conjunction with the Syphonvac System – Altrad’s online sand removal technology.

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Offshore MEG injection package

Design starts on two MEG Injection packages for FPSO

October 2019

Calder Ltd has won an order to design and build two subsea lean MEG injection pump units. These pump units will operate in an ATEX Zone 2 hazardous environment on a floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) vessel, which will process gas, removing the heavier hydrocarbon components. The gas will then be transferred to a floating liquefied natural gas (FLNG) facility.

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Chemical injection pump package

Work starts on five chemical injection packages

October 2019

Calder has been awarded the contract to design and build five chemical injection pump packages. These units will operate in a gas and condensate field, which is located in the Caspian Sea. The scope includes 2 x EHP Methanol units, 2 x LDHI AA (low density hydrate inhibitor) unit, and 1 x Topside Methanol unit.

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One-size-fits-all TST kit

One-size-fits-all TST kit

September 2019

TST has introduced the Alfa kit – a one-size-fits-all alternative to the need for suits of multiple sizes. Taking on feedback from customers in the high pressure waterjet industries, the protective equipment manufacturer recognized that many operators would value the flexibility that the one-size-fits-all solution would offer.

As a UK distributor and user of TST products for over 20 years, we are pleased to add the new Alfa kit to our TST product range.

ISO 45001 Certificate

ISO 45001 - Occupational Health & Safety Management System

September 2019

We are delighted to have been awarded our ISO 45001:2018 certificate which demonstrates our compliance with the new international standard.

ISO 45001 supersedes ISO 18001 and is described as a replacement rather than an upgrade. The standard has received much praise and places emphasis on, amongst other things, the business environment and context, and the views of interested parties.

Seventeen years ago (December 2002), Calder achieved its first International Organization for Standardization certification for its quality management system (ISO 9001). Our compliance with the environmental (14001) and occupational health & safety (18001) standards followed. It is a testament to both the health & safety culture that is fostered within Calder, and the work of our QHSE team, that we received only one minor non-conformity and one opportunity for improvement in our ISO 45001 audit.

Hydro jetting machine for middle East customer

Six Hydro Jetting Pump Units for Plant Maintenance Company in Middle East

August 2019

The Calder MultiJet range was selected due to its proven reliability and Calder’s service and spares support in the region. These mobile, high pressure pump units will be used to support the plant maintenance company’s refinery operations including tank cleaning, pipeline services, and water blasting applications. All the units were manufactured by Calder in the UK and, due to the size of the order, some units will be supplied from our Middle East stock and some will be despatched direct from our UK stock.

All six units produce a flow rate of 78 lpm at 20,000 psi. A substantial, built-in fuel tank allows uninterrupted operation for one whole shift. Easily fitted conversion kits allow the units to be configured for various applications, including industrial cleaning, surface preparation, hydro-demolition, and cold cutting.

Electric pump unit

Two electrically powered, high pressure, pump units ready for GA Drilling

August 2019

GA Drilling will soon receive two containerised pump units for field testing and operational applications. The units are for the Slovakia-based energy technology group who specialise in plasma drilling and milling products for geothermal energy and oil & gas well applications.
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Oxy Scavenger Injection Pump

Work Starts on Oxy Scavenger Injection Pump for Offshore, ATEX Zone 2 Environment

July 2019

Our engineering team is working on the design of an oxygen scavenger injection unit for operation on an offshore platform in the Caspian Sea. The unit will inject the diluted oxygen scavenger into a re-injection well. Much downhole corrosion is caused by the introduction to the well of oxygen-containing liquids. The injection of oxygen scavenger removes the oxygen.
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GOST/RTN-compliant cuttings re-injection units

GOST/RTN-compliant cuttings re-injection units.

June 2019

Work begins on two Cuttings Re-Injection (CRI) pump units for operation in the Russian Federation. These compact, GOST/RTN-compliant units will be designed, manufactured and tested in Worcester, United Kingdom.

Rather like drilling a piece of wood which produces wood shavings, or a piece of metal which produces swarf, drilling into the earth’s crust produces drill cuttings – fragments of rock broken by the drill bit and carried to the surface by drilling fluids. Prior to the environmental awakening of the 1980s, waste from offshore E&P operations was disposed* of at sea causing damage and destruction to flora, fauna and ecosystems over surrounding areas.

Whilst these drill cuttings can be incinerated, or shipped back to land and disposed of, the environmental and economic advantages of re-injection is favoured by many operators.

Calder was a forerunner in the development of cuttings re-injection technology and these electric-motor driven units will feature many of the technological developments made by us over the last two decades.

Read more about our CRI units

Hot water washdown packages for a Zone 2 environment.

Washdown pump skids designed and manufactured in accordance with CSA and CRN requirements.

May 2019

These washdown pump units have been completed for an offshore platform in Canadian waters. The supply includes base oil washdown pump units for Zone 1 operation, and hot water washdown packages for a Zone 2 environment.
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Nuclear decommissioning washdown pump skid

Nuclear washdown skid

April 2019

This wash down pump unit was designed and manufactured to support UK nuclear decommissioning activities. Potentially contaminated waste material containers will receive a low pressure water rinse, and later a high pressure washdown prior to further processing.
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Valhall Flank West platform

Pressure equalisation pump unit for Valhall Flank West

March 2019

A pressure equalisation pump skid has been designed, built, and tested by Calder for Aker BP as part of a larger PG Flow Solutions scope of supply.
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Offshore service vessel.

Shell take collection of a lightweight, compact, hydraulically driven, high pressure chemical injection package

February 2019

Energy giant Shell required a pump package designed for use in a Zone 2 hazardous environment on the deck of an offshore service vessel and offshore platforms. With no suitable electric supply in the area, this diesel-driven hydraulic system, which enables maximum flexibility of flow, was chosen.
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The Johan Sverdrup Phase 2 riser platform jacket being installed

Large order for Johan Sverdrup highlights the benefits of the PG/Calder relationship

December 2018

PG/Calder Johan Sverdrup Phase 2 scope of supply includes pump units for scale inhibitor injection, chemical injection, emulsion breaker injection, and MEG injection. All units will be supplied to Aker Solutions and Kvaerner (ASK/JV), a 50/50 joint venture, for the riser platform which will handle all exports of oil and gas from the field.
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Lightweight, compact, hydraulically driven, high pressure chemical injection package

Energy company orders a lightweight, compact, hydraulically driven, high pressure chemical injection package

November 2018

This pump package is designed for use in a Zone 2 hazardous environment on the deck of an offshore service vessel and offshore platforms. With no suitable electric supply in the area this diesel-driven hydraulic system was chosen which enables maximum flexibility of flow via a hydraulic swashplate.
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Compact offshore waterjetting drive module

Lightweight units to suit the needs of the offshore industry

September 2018

For many ageing platforms in the North Sea, decisions are being made to either decommission them or to extend their operational life. Either way, there can be ramifications for the cranes on these platforms. Where a crane’s design life has been reached, platform operators may seek a life extension to enable its use for the extended life of the platform.
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MultiAir compact air compressors

A fleet of lightweight, compact air compressors for hazardous environment operation

September 2018

We have recently supplied a fleet of lightweight, compact air compressor units for use in Zone 2 (Group II Category 3 G IIB T3) hazardous environments. The units have a performance of 400 cfm at 10 bar and can operate in ambient temperatures of 50°C. These stand-alone units feature a JCB diesel engine, a lockable control panel mounted into the container wall, and an on-board fuel tank. At the heart of the units is an Aerzen VMX 160 blower.

All the equipment is housed in a sound-attenuated DNV-certified offshore container. There is easy access through two large sets of double doors, and externally mounted fuel fill, control, and connections.

These lightweight compressors are part of our OffshoreLITE range which provides our offshore customers with pump, vacuum, and compressor units where there are platform space constraints and de-rated crane facilities.

Read more about our lightweight, offshore units.

MEG Injection pump package

MEG Injection pump package with twin variable stroke pumps

September 2018

Design starts on a MEG injection pump package for use on a North Sea platform. The package will transfer MEG at the required pressure and flow to both topsides and subsea templates during start-up, shut-down, leak/barrier testing, maintenance, and pressure equalisation.
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Hammelmann MultiJet electric skid

Hammelmann High Pressure Technology Symposium

11 October 2018, Hammelmann, Oelde, Germany

Water Jetting Equipment Demonstrations and Presentations

Hammelmann will be holding a symposium at their facility in Oelde, Germany, to showcase the latest in waterjetting technology.

There will be demonstrations, presentations and equipment on display from leading suppliers in the industry.

For more information click HERE.


Work starts on MEG pump package for the Nova tie-back to Gjøa Project

July 2018

Rosenberg WorleyParson AS has awarded PG Flow Solutions subsidiary Calder Ltd a contract to supply a MEG pump package to the Nova tie-back to Gjøa Project. The Norwegian EPCI contractor is responsible for the upgrade on the Gjøa platform in the North Sea.
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Offshore pump skidOffshore pump unit

Final checks for this robust offshore unit

July 2018

Being prepared for despatch is this high pressure well service and pressure test unit from our MultiJet range capable of pumping up to 168 litres per minute at 690 bar.

This shipment satisfies an urgent requirement Halliburton had for a high pressure pump skid. With units continuously in build for stock, Calder was able to configure the unit to suit the application and to despatch it within a few days of initial quotation.

Global oil & gas services company, Halliburton, will use this pump unit for offshore well test applications in Nigeria.

Pump unit for subsea coatings removal

Work Starts on Pump Unit for Subsea Coatings Removal

June 2018

Our latest MultiJet high pressure pump unit is in build at our factory in Worcester. This diesel-engine-powered unit will be housed in a sound-reducing, DNV-compliant container with two sets of double access doors.
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water jetting pump unit

More power for Middle East petrochemical customers

April 2018

In build are the first four of our latest waterjetting pump units with uprated performance. In response to customer demand, this pump unit has been designed for tank and tube bundle cleaning operations in the Middle East petrochemical sector. The new 200 kW unit is capable of pumping water at 489 litres per minute, or at pressures up to 3,200 bar. The machine is based on our MultiJet iV which has been popular in the Middle East markets for over five years.

After manufacture in Worcester, UK, the units will be shipped to the Middle East where they will go into stock along with a huge range of waterjetting spares and accessories. This allows us to offer short lead times, and full service and spares support to our customers throughout the GCC. Also in stock is a range of 10-40K jetting units and spares. Our industrial waterjetting units can be mounted on a skid, site trailer, road-going trailer, or in a container.

Read more about our waterjet pump units.

BOP testing system

BOP testing system en route to drillship

February 2018

Commissioned by a major oil & gas well service company, this blowout preventer (BOP) testing system will be used to test the sealing arrangements of BOPs and will operate in an ATEX Zone 2, hazardous environment on-board a drillship.
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Venetian Bridge Clacton

Venetian Bridge, Clacton
Selective concrete removal, paint removal, and concrete preparation

January 2018

Moisture and corrosive salts have taken their toll on this iconic structure. The repair work started in October and the initial works saw the selective removal of large areas of degraded concrete.
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Billy Campbell

Billy Campbell - New Industrial Sales Manager.

January 2018

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Billy Campbell as our new Industrial Sales Manager.

Billy has many years’ experience in the industrial water jetting sector and his knowledge will be of great value to our customers. We believe that Billy’s knowledge, attitude, and personality will be a perfect fit for this important role within our company and that he will continue to offer the levels of service and expertise to which our customers have become accustomed.

A significant part of Billy’s time will involve supporting new customers as more and more industries discover uses and applications for high pressure water. If you would like to discuss your water jetting requirements with Billy, please phone 07771 923752 or email

Julian Grant

Retirement for Julian – a new chapter begins.

December 2017

Julian Grant, our Industrial Sales Manager, will retire this Thursday. Although a family man looking to spend more time with his loved ones he will, no doubt, save plenty of time for his two main interests – photography and archery. Julian’s talent and passion for photography is well known and he is becoming fairly useful with a bow and arrow.

Since joining Calder in 2010, Julian’s positive nature and can do attitude have been appreciated by both colleagues and customers. He negotiated our largest single industrial pumps order for 12 auxiliary cooling pump skids for all terrain use in the nuclear industry. As industry discovers more uses and applications for high pressure water, Julian has been instrumental in the rise in sales of pump units for applications outside the traditional water jetting sector.

We wish Julian a long, varied, and enjoyable retirement.

Downhole chemical injection unit

Downhole chemical injection unit for hydrate control during well start-up operations.

December 2017

Downhole chemical injection unit for hydrate control during well start-up operations.
• integral methanol storage tank
• remote control from 200+ metres
• Zone 2 rated for hazardous environments
• high ambient temperature operation for GCC region
• truck mountable to move between onshore well sites

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SafeContractor approved for our food and automotive industry work.

November 2017

With safety paramount, we have been audited and approved by SafeContractor. Providing evidence of our commitment to safe working practices through the SafeContractor scheme is becoming a pre-requisite for many of our automotive and food industry customers. As the industrial uses for high pressure water continues to grow, our customers can be assured that installations will be carried out in accordance with best industry practice.

Hydrodemolition demonstration

Major companies discover what hydrodem can achieve for them.

November 2017

On Wednesday, major construction and civil engineering companies visited Worcester to see hydrodemolition in action.
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Buxton Water

A new MultiJet and “the largest concrete repair project …"

November 2017

Buxton Water, the Skelmersdale-based hydrodemolition specialists, have ordered a Calder MultiJet, trailer-mounted, high pressure (HP) waterjetting unit.
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Drillship BOP Test System

November 2017

Work begins on a BOP test system for operation in an ATEX, Zone 2 hazardous environment on a drillship. The scope of supply includes a high pressure pump skid, mixing tank skid, accumulator skids, hydraulic control panel, electrical controls, and control system philosophy.
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Offshore vacuum unit

High ambient temp. vacuum for FPSO waste recovery

October 2017

Do you know how many uses there are for an ATEX Zone 2 Vacuum Unit? This high ambient temperature machine is being despatched for waste recovery operations on an FPSO in the waters of the South Atlantic Ocean.

Our offshore customers use the MultiVac for:
• Material/waste removal
• Chemical, fuel, and liquid recovery
• Transfer of waste
• Bulk powder removal
• High flow ventilation of hazardous atmospheres
• Hydrocarbon heavy waste removal while atmospheric venting
• Pigging support operations
• Descaling support
• Online/offline de-sanding operations

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Lightweight offshore vacuum: YouTube: Lightweight offshore pump and vacuum units

bsi logo

...making excellence a habit ™

October 2017

We have renewed our BSI membership – a simple, but vital part in our strive for excellence in both our products and our processes.

Compliance to the highest standards is a fundamental for Calder, and our QHSE team value the expert help and advice from BSI researchers that membership allows. Additionally, as members we receive assistance in keeping our standards library up to date.

Read more about BSI.

Methanol injection skid

Variable Stroke Methanol Injection Skid

October 2017

Following baseframe load testing, assembly work will start on the latest methanol injection unit for hydrate inhibitor duties. This package will feature an integral methanol storage vessel, a Hammelmann fixed speed, variable stroke pump, and a protective enclosure. Control and monitoring will be through an on-skid control panel and remote HMI. This chemical injection skid will operate in the Middle East in a Zone 2 hazardous environment.

Read more about our Methanol Injection units.

Investors in People – Silver Award

September 2017

We are delighted to receive Investors in People accreditation to the level of Silver Award.

The award is granted based on online submissions from our employees, along with an onsite audit from IIP. Our employees have always been crucial to the success of our business and this award is important to us as it shows that we are treating our colleagues well and providing the right environment in which to nurture development and progression.

Such is our commitment to the IIP programme, we have been accredited since 2003 and hope to continue to be so long into the future.

Petronas Carigali - Outstanding Vendor Award

Outstanding Vendor Award

September 2017

Petronas Carigali present Inversys Corporation Sdn. Bhd. with the Outstanding Vendor Award for their supply of nine chemical injection packages for the Diyarbekir oil field, located in the Caspian Sea.
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Offshore Europe 2017

Offshore Europe 2017

September 2017

As with every exhibition since 2003, Calder were present at this year’s Offshore Europe. This is an invaluable opportunity to keep our customers abreast of our latest products and the latest in pumping technology. read more........

Craig Smith - Calder Service Team

New Recruit for Service Team

July 2017

We are delighted to welcome Craig Smith to our team of service technicians.

From the servicing of our onshore industrial waterjetting equipment to the commissioning of offshore process and well service pump systems, Craig’s role will take him far and wide.

Calder and our customers will benefit from Craig’s wealth of experience. Craig spent fourteen years in the armed forces. As a senior non-commissioned officer he combined both his technical and leadership skills. On his return to Civvy Street, he gained valuable offshore experience as a NDT rope access technician involved in a variety of survey and inspection projects. Most recently, he served as offshore maintenance team lead carrying out essential servicing and fault finding on large turbines.

As a company that is known for the quality of their products, it is vital that Calder’s representatives in the field protect and enhance our reputation. We believe that Craig is ideal for both our company and the role he will undertake and that he will be a real asset.

Calder Tier IV Waterjet trailer unit

Tier IV Waterjet Trailer Unit for Automotive Work

June 2017

Pro-clean Industrial Services has taken delivery of the very latest in mobile waterjetting technology. The waste management and industrial cleaning specialists from Wednesbury, West Midlands will use their new trailer-mounted waterjetter in the.... read more........

Ian Calder-Potts

A Visit to Downing Street

June 2017

Ian Calder-Potts, director and founder of Calder, visited both the London Stock Exchange and No. 10 Downing Street as part of a reception for those companies recognised in the LSEG report, 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain. The following is Ian’s personal account of the day.

“What a privilege, not only to be included in the 2017 edition of ‘1000 Companies to Inspire Britain’ for the third time, but additionally to be invited to visit the great London Stock Exchange, the oldest stock exchange in the world, followed by a reception at No. 10 Downing Street, all in one morning.
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1000 Companies to Inspire Britain

Calder recognised in fourth edition of London Stock Exchange Group’s ‘1000 Companies to Inspire Britain’ report.

May 2017

We are delighted to be recognized in this prestigious report for the third time. This is testament to the hard work of the Calder team and the quality of our product resulting in the solid, stable growth of our company. read more........

Calder tube bundle acceptance test.

Customer Very Happy with New External Tube Bundle Cleaner

April 2017

Andrew Rettie of Denholm MacNamee and Calder’s Jim McNicol witnessed a successful factory acceptance test of the latest semi-automated tube bundle cleaning machine.

On a sunny day in Catania, Sicily, the unit performed a full function test on a dirty tube bundle demonstrating not only the ease of use but also the effectiveness of the process. The unit has a vertical working range of up to 185 cm and a horizontal travel of 9 metres, and the jetting head can be tilted through 90 degrees.
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Hammelmann MultiJet electric skid

Waterjet Pump Units for Nuclear Decontamination

February 2017

Design starts on high and ultra high pressure waterjetting packages for the decontamination of process components in the nuclear industry. The scope of supply includes both hand lancing equipment and fully robotic packages. These skid-mounted units will be electric motor driven with variable speed drives, and will each feature an enclosure offering both noise attenuation and protection from the elements.

Our focus on the safety and reliability of our equipment has been much valued by the nuclear industry for three decades. In addition to high pressure waterjetting units for decontamination and decommissioning, we have also supplied numerous high flow emergency response units, mobile test units, and cold cutting equipment.

Variable stroke methanol pump skid

Work Starts on a Compact, Twin, Variable Stroke Methanol Pump Skid

January 2017

A requirement for methanol pump packages for two separate duties in a platform location with considerable space constraints led to the design of a twin pump skid for this Zone 1 hazardous area, brownfield MMO application.
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Offshore Korea 2016

Another successful exhibition in Busan

October 2016

Exhibiting together with our parent company, PG Flow Solutions, made particular sense in South Korea as our companies have recently delivered comprehensive packages to DSME, Hyundai and Samsung for Mariner, Aasta Hansteen and Valemon.

The mood in the exhibition was buoyant and there was much interest in our group’s recent pump package deliveries. Following the recent ratification of the Ballast Water Management Convention, particular interest was shown in PG’s ballast water treatment systems – a product PG have supplied for many years.

This was our third Offshore Korea event, having also exhibited our products here in 2012 and 2014. See you again in 2018!

HPHT Methanol Injection Package

2 x HPHT Methanol Injection Packages Despatched to North Sea Customer

October 2016

Two high pressure, high temperature (HPHT) methanol injection packages are en route to a platform in the North Sea.
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DNV 2.7-2 Compliant Vacuum Unit

MultiVac DNV 2.7-2 Compliant Vacuum Unit – Designed, Built, Tested, and Despatched

September 2016

We are delighted to announce that we are despatching the first Calder-built offshore vacuum unit in accordance with the recently introduced February 2016 edition of the DNV Standard for Certification 2.7-2.
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MultiJet Stage 4/Tier IV High Pressure Water Jetting Trailer Unit

New Calder Stage 4/Tier IV High Pressure Water Jetting Trailer Unit

September 2016

New EU emissions regulations for non-road diesel engines see the introduction of Stage 4 (Tier IV in the USA) engines. Earlier engines cannot now be sold in Europe.

The design modifications to incorporate this new ultra-low emission engine into our MultiJet units has been a great opportunity for our engineering team to introduce a range of innovations and improved features to keep our jetting units at the forefront of water jetting technology.
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OffshoreLITE Jetter Package

Lightweight Offshore Pump Package for Well Service Customer

September 2016

This versatile, lightweight, small footprint, high pressure pump package is ideal for well service, fabric maintenance, decommissioning, and plug & abandonment duties.

The OffshoreLITE range was designed to meet the needs of North Sea operators for whom reduced offshore crane capacity and limited deck space were a problem. This innovative unit meets those needs and its easy offshore lifting and handling and space-saving benefits are proving popular with a variety of offshore operators.

This Zone 2 hazardous area unit is a two-piece modular design with each module weighing a maximum of 1,500 kg. Each module is contained within a DNV-certified crash frame and the modules feature an easy location/connection device. At the heart of this unit is the Hammelmann vertical reciprocating plunger pump.

The OffshoreLITE range includes high and low pressure, reciprocating plunger, centrifugal, hydraulic, vacuum, and high flow pumps, and combinations of these are possible due to the modular design.

ONS 2016

Offshore Northern Seas (ONS) Exhibition in Stavanger, Norway

September 2016

In our sixth appearance at the Offshore Northern Seas exhibition we joined forces with our parent company, PG Flow Solutions. We utilised the four days to show our existing and potential customers the value of our combined product range in the oil & gas and marine sectors.

On stand, we displayed a working Chemical Injection demonstration unit, a Ballast Water Treatment System, and a Submix agitator for high yield liquid mud handling.

Our marine colleagues saw a lot of interest in their ballast water treatment technology, whilst our OffshoreLITE range of high pressure, lightweight pumps generated interest not just from the decommissioning sector for which it was designed but also from operators who see the space-saving benefits of the range.

If you would like to learn more about our products, please do not hesitate to email.

FPAL Verify

Verify certification with good scores

August 2016

We are delighted to announce that we are now certified for FPAL Verify.

We were independently appraised by First Point Assessment in the categories; quality, health & safety, environment, and competence & training. Following a rigorous two-day audit we are very pleased with our scores for all categories, particularly as three of the scores are significantly above average.

We have long been FPAL registered and as a company that sees continual improvement as critical to success we value and actively participate in the Advanced Registration Questionnaire (ARQ) and performance feedback functions of FPAL. Verify seemed an obvious next step from the ARQ as it provides buyers with the reassurance that comes from comprehensive auditing which is largely in line with IOGP and NORSOK.

Aquaculture pump unit

New Markets for High Pressure Pumps - Aquaculture

July 2016

A Calder-manufactured high pressure water jetting unit specifically designed for the aquaculture industry is despatched to the Scottish Highlands. This innovative pump unit will operate in conjunction with a range of cage and net cleaning equipment to provide a reliable and efficient solution to marine fouling.

The rugged and remote coastline of the Highlands and Islands provides excellent natural environments for the growing aquaculture sector. However, this remoteness brings with it added time and cost implications for machinery maintenance which is one of the reasons Calder was selected to design and build this pump unit. Although innovative in design to meet the specific industry and application requirements, this unit is based on the tried, tested, and trusted MultiJet range which has been developed over three decades. At the heart of the MultiJet is a Hammelmann vertical reciprocating plunger pump which offers unrivalled reliability and operational time between scheduled maintenance.

Through sound principles of design, careful component selection, and the latest electronic control and monitoring capabilities, this pump unit should give many years of reliable service in some of the most inhospitable offshore environments in the United Kingdom.

Calder - Offshore Arabia 2016

Offshore Arabia 2016

May 2016

This exhibition and conference proved to be an excellent event at which to promote the marine and oil & gas products of both Calder and our Norwegian parent company, PG Flow Solutions. Whilst there was much interest in our products, there was particular interest in the extensive experience that Calder and PG have in designing innovative solutions for the offshore sector.

Although we have been active in the region for a number of years, we met many new faces on our stand from the major EPCs and shipyards. The relaxed and friendly environment of the exhibition proved ideal both to promote our products and also to listen to views of the local oil & gas and maritime visitors..

The Gala Dinner held on the Tuesday evening was an excellent way to end the first day of the exhibition and we were delighted to be presented with the Offshore Arabia 2016 Safety Excellence award.

1000 Companies to Inspire Britain

Calder recognised as “Company to Inspire Britain” in annual LSEG report

April 2016

For the second time, Calder Ltd has been named by the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) as one of the 1,000 Companies to Inspire Britain in an independent research report looking across all industry sectors in the UK economy.

Launched in 2013, the aim of 1,000 Companies to Inspire Britain is to shine a light on companies that “are the engine of the UK economy”. Companies are selected for inclusion based on company status, size and age, financial performance, and sector benchmarking.

Ian Calder-Potts, Chairman and founder of Calder Ltd commented, "We are honoured once more to receive this recognition from the LSEG. Our successful growth has been achieved thanks to the loyal support of our many customers who value the quality and reliability of our high pressure pump packages.

“Meeting our customers’ exacting specifications is down to the superb Calder team of hard-working individuals who share a common objective – meet and exceed the customers’ specifications for quality, reliability, safety, delivery and after-sales support”


Andreas Larsen PG Flow Solutions

PG Flow Solutions Product Training

February 2016

Calder is grateful to Andreas Larsen, Birger Gråthen, and Kjetil Vatne of our parent company, PG Flow Solutions, for the recent product training days in Worcester.

Two full days of training included presentations on their oil & gas, and marine product range, and an insight into the innovative PG Life Cycle Services concept. With the erection of a large marquee inside our production facility along with two larger meeting rooms, over 70 Calder employees were able to join the sessions, thus enabling all departments to gain an understanding of the broad range of PG Flow Solutions products and services.

Cross-company product knowledge is vital to ensure the complementary nature of our product ranges is fully utilised.

Augean ultra-high pressure water jetting package

Augean Purchase Onshore and Offshore Ultra-High Pressure Units

January 2016

Augean North Sea Services, part of UK-wide Augean PLC, has chosen Calder to supply ultra-high pressure water jetting packages for onshore industrial and offshore oil & gas applications.

The scope includes both Zone 2 containerised and road-going industrial trailer-mounted units. The units feature the ever-reliable Hammelmann pump which benefits from extended life between services and a vertical configuration giving a smaller unit footprint. The pump model selected will operate at pressures up to 2,450 bar, with simple conversion options to suit other pressure requirements making the MultiJet a versatile package. Whether for offshore hazardous areas, or onshore industrial applications, the MultiJet has been a popular choice among operators for two decades thanks to its low life-cycle cost and reliability and these latest-generation packages should give Augean many years of service.

BundlePro hook lift extractor

Calder Launch BundlePro Range

January 2016

To complement their high pressure water jetting packages, Calder has joined forces with Idrojet to launch a range of tube bundle handling equipment. Calder Limited and Idrojet S.R.L. based in Italy, have signed an agreement which sees Calder become their sole agent in the UK and Saudi Arabia. Following the successful introduction of Calder's high pressure internal and external tube bundle cleaning units into UK and Middle East refineries, the addition of tube bundle extractors and movers will allow Calder to offer the complete solution.

Sales Director, Steve Sharp, said, "We recognized that customers wanted a one-stop shop for their tube bundle cleaning equipment and our BundlePro range addresses that requirement. We were impressed with Idrojet’s extensive experience in tube bundle handling technology and their commitment to a quality product, and we feel they will be a real asset to Calder".

For more information on the BundlePro range click here.

PG Flow Solutions

PG Flow Solutions and Calder join forces

PRESS RELEASE - Hvalstad / Worcester 1 October 2015
PG Flow Solutions AS (PG), majority owned by Norvestor VI, L.P. (Norvestor) has acquired 100% of the shares in the UK high-pressure pumping specialist Calder ltd. (Calder). Calder is a leading high-end solution provider across industries for high-pressure pump solutions, with particular success within the oil & gas market where the company has proudly served leading oil services companies and operators since its inception in 1981. Read full Press Release here.

The Parliamentary Review

The Parliamentary Review – A Year In Perspective

September 2015
Calder is honoured to have been asked to contribute to this year’s Parliamentary Review – an annual review released at the beginning of the Parliamentary year.

Introduced by The Rt Hon Anna Soubry MP, Minister for Small Business, Industry and Enterprise, the Manufacturing Edition discusses the challenges faced by industry in the past year, featuring leading companies from a range of manufacturing sectors.

Chairman, Ian Calder-Potts, gives a brief introduction to the history of our company, and then discusses the hurdles we overcame to succeed as a leader in our industry. He concludes, perhaps most importantly, with a look to the future and what needs to be achieved to ensure continued success.

Should you wish to read the Manufacturing Edition, please click here.

Calder-Offshore Europe 2015

Offshore Europe 2015 exhibition – decommissioning talking point

September 2015
For the seventh time Calder exhibited at the Offshore Europe event in Aberdeen. This biennial showcase of the latest offshore technology was, as always, a great opportunity to meet both existing and potential customers.

We saw particular interest in our latest development of a range of lightweight, offshore pump and vacuum packages ideally suited to North Sea rig decommissioning. As a leader in the development of offshore high pressure pumping solutions, an important part of the exhibition is giving our engineers a chance to see the latest technology. A team was despatched to scour the halls for innovative products that can be incorporated in our hazardous area packages.

Pipetech High Pressure Jetting Package

Zone II High Pressure Jetting Package with NORSOK Option Module

August 2015
"Our ongoing investment in top quality equipment is a sign of our long-term commitment to developing specialist cleaning in the North Sea. In these challenging market conditions we continue to focus on providing the best equipment, people and services to our customers. Furthermore we have been pleased to work with Calder, who supplied this unit; their professionalism and commitment to quality has been consistently impressive.
Lindsay Young, Managing Director, Pipetech.

Steve Sharp Sales Director Calder Ltd

Celebrating 30 Years of Service

July 2015
On Wednesday, Steve Sharp celebrated 30 years with Calder. Starting as an apprentice he gained valuable experience in all aspects of the company including time spent on the tools and on various customer sites giving him a great understanding of the industries we serve.

As our sales director, Steve has built a rapport with, and earned the respect of, our many customers. Over the last six years he has led our successful expansion into the Middle East and continues to develop our presence worldwide.

Calder is very grateful for Steve’s loyal and inspired service and looks forward to another two decades of his support.

1,800 kW Waste Injection Package

1,800 kW Waste Injection Package

June 2015
Calder is pleased to announce receipt of an order to design, manufacture and test an 1,800 kW waste injection pump package for a platform on the Norwegian continental shelf.

This multi-purpose electrically driven pumping unit fitted with a Calder CRI-1800 pump will be VSD operated and capable of waste injection and general well service duties. Delivery of this hazardous area package will add to the many bespoke Calder-built units currently operating worldwide.

Calder MultiJet diesel container hosereel unit

Lightweight Compact Offshore Vacuum Package

June 2015
Calder is pleased to receive an order for a lightweight vacuum unit from our Offshore LITE range.

For use on offshore installations subject to reduced platform crane capacity and where deck space is limited, the unit will be mounted in a DNV 2.7-1-certified container and will be capable of a range of vacuuming duties including material/waste removal, chemical recovery, bulk powder transfer, and pigging and descaling support operations.

Our new Offshore LITE range features both jetting and vacuum packages. Based on our tried and tested MultiJet and MultiVac ranges, the Offshore LITE units will be subject to stringent design and component selection to ensure the Calder brand continues to be valued for the build quality and ease of maintenance that makes our offshore units so popular.

Calder MultiJet diesel container hosereel unit

Self-contained Well Intervention Package en route to Aberdeen

May 2015
Calder has just completed the build and test of a new Well Intervention Pumping System for a leading Aberdeen company.

The new diesel driven Zone II system, incorporating the proven Hammelmann technology, will be used for a varied range of projects where deck space is at a premium. The incorporated hose reel means deployment time will be reduced and provide a safer and more flexible approach to the most demanding projects.

Jamie Leake

Calder expand sales team

May 2015
Calder is pleased to announce the appointment of Jamie Leake as Industrial Sales Manager for the southern region of the United Kingdom.
Jamie has more than 13 years' experience in the high pressure pump industry. Having been involved in both the manufacture and sales of high pressure pump units, Jamie has the all-round experience that will equip him well to promote Calder's diverse range of high pressure water jetting equipment.

We wish Jamie success and welcome him to the Calder team.

Calder test bay facility

Calder Test Bay Extension

April 2015
The completion of the extension gives Calder a test area in excess of 250 square metres. Now comprising two self-contained, ultra high pressure, 1850 kW capacity test bays, this facility will allow Calder to test multiple units simultaneously.

Phil Baumanis, Development & Testing Manager, is pleased with the extra capacity stating, "Full test capability is very important to our customers and the extension ensures we can continue to offer this service in line with the company’s long-term growth."

Conjet - hydrodemolition equipment

UK Concrete Show, Birmingham, UK

February 2015
The UK Concrete Show proved the perfect opportunity to cement our relationship with Conjet of Sweden by exhibiting our ultra-high pressure, mobile jetting unit alongside the Conjet 327 hydro-demolition robot.
The show was well attended and the mood was buoyant. There was much interest in our products, new contacts were made, and a few familiar faces were welcomed to our stand. We shall be back next year!

The Conjet Hydrodemolition equipment range can be viewed HERE.

Conjet - hydrodemolition equipment

World-leading Hydrodemolition Product Range Added to Calder’s Portfolio

January 2015
Calder is delighted to announce that we have signed a formal distribution agreement for Conjet equipment covering the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland and the Middle East. Conjet is a leading manufacturer of remotely operated, computer controlled hydrodemolition machines.

Both Calder and Conjet have concentrated on designing and manufacturing robust, high quality water jetting equipment for over 30 years. With the emphasis on quality through design and innovation, the combined range of equipment will help Calder to offer a greater choice whilst maintaining the high standards demanded by the industry.

“This agreement marks a significant addition to Calder’s range of automated water jetting equipment. A key focus for Calder has been the move towards automation, removing the operator from the hazards of water jetting operations such as high reaction forces and high water pressures. The Conjet range will be a great asset in our strive for automation and we look forward to a long and beneficial relationship with a like-minded company.” Steve Sharp, Sales Director, Calder Ltd

The Conjet Hydrodemolition equipment range can be viewed HERE.

Calder chemical injection skid unit

Four Air-driven Pneumatic Chemical Injection Packages for North Sea Platform

December 2014
Working alongside a major EPC, Calder have designed and built four multi-pump, air-driven, chemical injection skids for a leading North Sea Oil Major.

The project constraints required each of the four packages to be designed and constructed to fit into existing deck envelopes and work around existing structures. Our project management and engineering team relished the challenge of designing such low-footprint packages to include the large volume of pipework, valves and associated instrumentation required to provide a safe and cost-effective solution. All four skids were fully function tested in-house and witnessed by the client before despatch.

Calder chemical injection pump package Unit

6 weeks to design, manufacture and test a chemical injection pump package

November 2014
Due to an urgent requirement for a scale inhibitor pump package Calder, working with a leading EPC, designed, constructed, tested and delivered a working solution to a leading Operator. Calder was tasked with the design, manufacture and testing of a bespoke unit with a turnaround time of just six weeks. Using twin air-driven pumps, the package delivers a very specific 0.6 litres per hour at 199.6 bar.
Through good design this unit has a very small footprint, is lightweight, and has easy maintenance access. Less than six weeks from order placement our customer witnessed a successful test of the unit in our state-of-the-art testing facility in Worcester, UK.
Calder Offshore Korea Stand 2014

Offshore Korea Exhibition

November 2014
Calder was represented this month in Korea by Steve Sharp (Sales Director) and Paul Rennie (Process Equipment Sales Manager) for the 2014 oil show in Busan. We and our local partner Firscomp would like to thank all our visitors for coming to the Calder booth and we look forward to working with you on your future project requirements for high pressure pumping requirements for drilling rigs, jack-up rigs, semi-submersibles and well intervention vessels in the Korean market.
Calder Containerised High Flow Zone II Jetting Unit

Calder Delivers Containerised High Flow Zone II Jetting Unit

October 2014
The low maintenance Hammelmann pump powered by a 490 HP EC emissions-compliant power unit, ensures this high performance jetter can pump seawater at flows up to 170 litres per minute with pressures up to 1,000 bar.
This unit will add more flexible options to our client’s already successful fleet of Zone II containerised jetters currently deployed on major projects worldwide.
Calder offer a range of high pressure pump solutions along with vacuum and compressor packages suitable for all types of operating environments and locations.
Versatile Jetters for Offshore Well Abandonment

Versatile Jetters for Offshore Well Abandonment

September 2014
Calder is conducting final testing on two highly versatile water jetting packages for the offshore oil & gas contracting sector. The main units have a weight of less than 10 tonnes for use on rigs where lifting capacity is restricted and the package has a bolt-on noise attenuation module for compliance with NORSOK regulations making these units ideal for use on a variety of offshore platforms.
The 380kW Zone II hazardous area units are capable of pumping 122 litres per minute of seawater at 1400 bar. The packages are mounted into a DNV-certified container and have in-built gas detection and automatic fire suppression and alarm systems.
site trailer jetting unit

Offshore Northern Seas (ONS) Exhibition in Stavanger, Norway

August 2014
Calder’s fifth successful ONS exhibition saw a record number of visitors to our stand. Our new 650 bar chemical injection demonstration unit with a variable stroke plunger pump allowed both our existing and prospective customers to see the latest in hazardous area high pressure pumping technology.
The Stavanger exhibition is an important part of our presence in Norway. For over two decades Calder has been supplying high pressure pump packages to Norwegian fields such as Asgard, Heidrun, Gulfaks, Sleipner, and Statfjord. This is due, in part, to the relationships formed and built on during our presence at ONS.
site trailer jetting unit

NORSOK, DNV Compliant Well Service Pump Packages for Offshore Norway

July 2014
Calder complete two ATEX Zone 2 hazardous area, high pressure pump packages, designed, manufactured and tested at their UK production facility. These multi-purpose units are ideal for a range of injection operations including sea water, well completion fluids, drill cuttings and other waste liquids. They can also be utilised for high pressure fracturing applications.
The ever-reliable CRI-1800 pump coupled with the variable speed 850kW electric motor can achieve flows up to 110 m³/hr and pressures up to 517 bar.
In addition to NORSOK and DNV compliance, our range of well service pump packages can be tailored to suit the customer and location-specific standards and requirements.
site trailer jetting unit

BSI Award

July 2014
Calder is proud to announce the award by BSI, the business standards company, of Module H/H1 - Full Quality Assurance Certificate of the Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC to ‘Design, Project Manage, Assemble, Inspect and Test Low Pressure & High Pressure Packaged Solutions up to 4000 Bar’, thus enabling the company to independently manufacture and certify higher performance pressure equipment.

Pete Moore, Calder’s Director of Engineering, said on receiving the award, “Safety is critically important, whether pumping liquids at 4 bar or 4000 bar the same rules apply. Recognition that Calder has worked hard to demonstrate our capability in this important aspect of high pressure engineering safety is a tribute to our very capable team of engineers.”
site trailer jetting unit

Site Trailer High Pressure Jetting Unit

May 2014
One of our standard range of high pressure jetting units is on its way to the Middle East for heat exchanger tube bundle cleaning operations in the petrochemical industry. Our customer needed a cost-effective, low maintenance, mobile solution which would withstand harsh site conditions. The S1100-17 utilises the ever-reliable Hammelmann pump to give a flow of 82 litres per minute at 1100 bar. This mobile unit features the ES2 control system to allow easy operation and monitoring. The equipment is mounted in a noise hood for noise attenuation and protection from the elements, features an integral hose reel, a maintenance hoist, and has good access to components.
water buffer tank

Design Solution in a Tank

April 2014
Calder was tasked with solving a customer’s water buffer tank dilemma. Our customer has twelve Calder MultiJet units which were designed to meet the customer’s strict weight limit specifications and to operate where there is a suitable regulated supply of water.
Our customer wanted the ability to operate in areas where a water tank would be required as a buffer reservoir between the primary water source and the unit, but did not want to incorporate the tank into the units. The solution is small-footprint, 2.7m³ capacity, water buffer tanks capable of being lifted by crane or fork truck. Combining a steel base frame to give high wind stability with an aluminium tank to reduce weight, the design underwent thorough FEM analysis to ensure structural integrity and longevity.
The tanks feature a 16 bar 3” float valve system, inlet pressure gauge, water level sight tube, flow control valve, tie-down points for transportation, drag points for on-site positioning, and a lockable cabinet for interface connections. The tanks are finished in a durable powdercoat system to our customer’s colour requirements.
Calder Well Service Package

Multi-purpose High Pressure Well Service Package

March 2014
A Calder 700 bar (90m³/hour) pressure test unit is en route to our customer. Purchased for pipeline fill and pressure test applications, this multi-purpose unit is capable of continuously pumping a range of material including drill cuttings, slurry, drilling mud, water, well completion fluids, sea water, and other waste liquids.
The PLC-controlled package is mounted in a DNV, ISO and CSC-certified container which provides security, protection from the elements and noise attenuation. Easy maintenance and high quality component selection allow for the maximum uptime demanded by our onshore and offshore customers.
Our flexible range of diesel and electric-powered well service units can be supplied compliant with NORSOK and Zone II ATEX.
Calder Hazardous Area Pump Package

Hazardous Area Pump Package for Unmanned Platform

February 2014
With reliability paramount, Calder was tasked with the design and manufacture of a produced water feed pump package for use on an unmanned platform for the Samarang Redevelopment Phase 2 Project in the South China Sea.
The unit is mounted in a light-weight, robust crash frame with easy access to components. The centrifugal pump is driven by a CAT 3304 gas engine, and will achieve a flow of 168 m3/hour and 27m head. The gas engine will run on waste natural gas from the production process. The electric start has a hydraulic start back-up system. The unit is suitable for use in Zone II hazardous areas and has a T3 (200°c) temperature rating.
This unit is part of the Calder MultiJet range, derivatives of which have been in operation worldwide over the last three decades in the harshest of environments.
Calder Hazardous Area High Temperature Washdown Unit

Hazardous Area High Temperature Washdown Unit

February 2014
Building on the success of the Calder range of hot wash units, a bespoke high temperature, high pressure unit with the capacity to clean three platform decks simultaneously has recently been delivered and will operate in the Danish sector of the North Sea.
The unit is NORSOK and Zone II compliant and produces 62 lpm of hot water at 190 bar. The maximum water temperature is 65°C and the minimum continuous running temperature is 55°C. Two-storey construction with access platform ensures a minimum footprint with easy access to components. The noise-attenuating, lightweight acoustic panels also provide protection from the weather.
1000 Companies to Inspire Britain

Calder recognised as “Company to Inspire Britain” in new LSEG report

December 2013
Calder Ltd was named by the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) as one of the 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain in a landmark independent research report looking across all industry sectors in the UK economy. Calder was identified in the report as one of just over 130 industrial engineering companies to be recognised.
Ian Calder-Potts, Chairman and founder of Calder Ltd, said "We are honoured to receive this recognition from the LSEG for our contribution towards manufacturing industry. To be selected from such an impressive list of companies is testament to our wonderfully loyal customers and our amazing team at Calder Ltd.
This is a very welcome report as it showcases the success, talent and innovation shown by so many UK-based firms across so many sectors of the economy. It’s very encouraging to see the LSEG championing the role that SMEs have played in the growth of the post-recession economy. We need to encourage people to get behind companies like ours as our future economic prosperity will depend on them"
. View full details here.
Denholm MacNamee

A successful show and a purchase order to boot!

Sept 2013
Offshore Europe 2013 was a great opportunity for our offshore sales team, Ian, Jim, Steve and Paul, to meet with many of our customers from both Scotland and further afield. We were particularly delighted to be presented with a purchase order for two containerized UHP jetting units from Brian Ritchie, MD of Denholm MacNamee, one of our long-time, North Sea customers. This order adds to the existing number of Calder pumps and packages that Denholm MacNamee has in operation worldwide.
Brian stated, "We come back to Calder time and again for the level of service we receive and the quality of their product. We need reliable machines with the maximum uptime, and that is what we get from Calder-built packages."
In addition to Offshore Europe being ideal for demonstrating our products, it is also good for our technical development. As such nine of our engineers visited the show to visit current and potential suppliers and to see the latest offshore technology on display.
Fisher Offshore

Fisher Offshore

July 2013
To meet with an increasing demand Fisher Offshore has recently increased their fleet of Calder Hotwash units by adding three immersion style and one inline unit. This latest delivery to Aberdeen adds to Calder’s already successful year providing quality packages for offshore applications into the rental and fabric maintenance industries supporting the North Sea. With ever increasing requirements and demands from the industry Calder are able to react quickly to customers’ needs and offer cost effective and safe solutions.
Hot Wash

Atex ZONE 1 Hot Wash

July 2013
Calder has recently delivered a new fleet of hotwash units to a major drilling contractor in Aberdeen. This adds to an unprecedented number of these units we have built and supplied to various North Sea contractor and operating companies over the last 12 months. With our tried and tested design we can offer two types of system operating on either a continuous flow or a batch heating configuration. The hotwash units are lightweight portable and can be quickly installed using a standard offshore 63 amp power outlet.
Ease of set up and operation provides a quick method of producing 15 lpm, 70℃ water at 200bar.
Heli-portable well service unit

Heli-portable well service units

July 2013
To meet the needs of an ever changing market place Calder were recently tasked to find a solution of how to design and transport a 14 tonne diesel driven well service pump system into an area only accessible by helicopters with a 3.5 tonne lift limit. Using creative techniques of design and manufacture, two pump units were built and delivered in a configuration that allows separate air lifts but can be easily & quickly assembled on the remote jobsite ensuring swift deployment.
These projects add to Calder’s already vast reference list of design and build pump packages in either diesel or electric driven format for hazardous or safe area environments worldwide.

Sabre Jetting

Sabre Jetting of Birmingham

June 2013
Yet another Hammelmann pump supplied to a well-established national hydro demolition, surface preparation and tank cleaning company enabling Sabre Jetting to offer some of the most reliable and efficient service within the contracting service industry.
The pumps are mounted into truck tankers providing not only the High Pressure Pump but also water storage of 12m³ and are ideal for projects where there is no access to a suitable supply of water.
The Sabre Jetting fleet of high pressure pumps operate at 1100 or 1400 bar with a flow of 45 or 55 lpm. Each unit has an auto throttle to reduce water consumption which means the pumps can operate for approximately 4 hours without fill up. Another feature is the Euro 4 compliance for access to inner city London.

Progressive Technical Services

Progressive Technical Services back Calder's MultiJet

February 2013
Progressive Technical Services are a multi-disciplined contractor specialising in Industrial & Environmental Services including tank cleaning, high pressure & ultra-high pressure water jetting, boiler cleaning and hazardous and non-hazardous waste disposal to the petrochemical, power and utilities markets.
"The machine we required needed a high water flow while maintaining a sufficient water pressure. Calder were one of the few companies whose machines could be used in this manner allowing for a machine that is highly versatile and can be used on any number of different applications. Progressive chose the Calder HDP170 due to the company’s outstanding history, customer service, competiveness and on-going customer care. The machine currently works within our tank and boiler cleaning division for power and petrochemical clients and has been utilised on underground aviation tanks and power station boilers around the country."

Progressive Technical Services Ltd

Veolia Environmental Services

Veolia Environmental Services expand their Calder fleet

January 2013
Following the delivery of another Calder MultiJet unit to Veolia Environmental Services, their Regional Manager said:
“Veolia Environmental Services continue to purchase high and ultra high pressure jetting units through Calder Pressure Systems as we have complete faith in the customer service and technical expertise provided.  The Hammlemann pumps provide reliability, low maintenance costs which provide minimum downtime to our clients.   Our fleet of Calder pumps operate in the most difficult conditions predominantly on refineries, running days and nights for long durations and perform consistently to a high standard and provide an extremely long service life to Veolia’s Industrial Services business.  Veolia recognise Calder Pressure Systems as a long term business partner and work closely with their technical sales staff to ensure the products we purchase are of the highest specification from a technical and QHSE perspective."
Regional Manager
Industrial Services
Veolia Environmental Services (UK) Plc

ONS 2012 Exhibition

Offshore Northern Seas (ONS) Energy Fair, Conference and Exhibition in Stavanger, Norway

August 2012
At the recently held ONS 2012 Exhibition, Calder Ltd was pleased to welcome existing, and new customers, to its stand. With numerous Calder process pump packages operating in the Norwegian offshore sector, visitors were able to see a working methanol injection pump, operating at pressures up to 450 bar. This unit is built to similar specification as our chemical injection packages currently in use, amongst others, in the Asgard, Gjoa & Vega, Gulfaks, and Statfjord fields.

These process pumps complement the range of Cuttings Re-injection and Well Service units, which Calder also builds.

With record attendances, ONS 2012 was busier than ever. In addition to informing people of our capabilities, keeping abreast of new technologies in the Oil & Gas industry, is paramount. Senior Calder Engineers were also present at the Exhibition, to ensure we are up to date with the latest developments.

Hydro Demolition

Hydro Demolition Units

July 2012
Leading UK construction and Civil Engineering Company has ordered 2 x Multijet 120 trailer mounted pump packages complete with hand lances, accessories and full specialist PPE sets. Delivery of these packages will be complete by the end of July 2012. Despite the competitive market conditions Calder secured our contract due to our high pump unit productivity, its low maintenance requirements and the proven track record of this product via our extensive end user reference lists.

Methanol Injection

Methanol Injection Package for Norwegian Well Intervention Vessel

March 2012
Contracted to supply a complete Methanol Injection pump system, operating at 690 bar to ATEX zone 1 standards. Our scope included Methanol storage tank, Hammelmann API674 process plunger pump, Multiple discharge outlets with flow transmitters, HP pump lube oil system, VSD drive and full touch screen HMI.

Chemical Injection Packages

UK Sector Offshore- Chemical Injection Packages

March 2012
This fast track Biocide and Oxygen scavenger project was delivered on time and to client specifications to major Oil company for operation in the UK North Sea sector. Incorporating API675 Double diaphragm pumps with a performance of 300 lph at 17bar, our skid packages included all process pipework, instrumentation and designed, tested and certified for Atex zone 1 operation.

Lord Jones of Birmingham

Lord Jones of Birmingham opens new Calder manufacturing facility.

Jan 2012
To an invited audience of Calder's customers and suppliers, Lord Jones of Birmingham delivered a keynote speech to celebrate Calder’s 30th anniversary and to mark the opening of their new manufacturing facility in Worcester. Lord Jones, a former director-general of the CBI and more recently Minister of Trade outlined in his keynote speech the challenges facing British business and the role UK manufacturing could play in contributing towards Britain's economic recovery.
Click here for the full story.

Calder calls for school leavers to be better equipped for the world of work.

Jan 2012
Calder calls for a shake-up of the way schools prepare pupils for the world of work. Calder employs over 60 skilled engineers but young engineers are not coming through and finding good apprentices is hard because many school-leavers lack the right skills. The head of the region's largest chamber of commerce has written to the Government, urging them to act now at a time of record youth unemployment.
MultiJet high pressure pump unit

Calder skid packages for Kazakhstan.

Nov 2011
Calder completes skid package with two 34m3/hr ISO5199 condensate transfer pump packages destined for Kazakhstan, manufactured to comply with GOST-K & GOST-R standards, supplied with RTN and technical passports, designed to operate in - 40degree C environments..

Calder hydro jetting

Calder hydro jetting packages for Australasia market.

Nov 2011
Hammelmann 3000 bar Atex /IEC compliant Zone 2, offshore Hydro jetting packages delivered to Australasia market. The growing demand for our high quality and spec compliant UHP surface preparation units in this sector O&G market see more Calder Multijet Z2 units shipped to support the growing demand for fabric maintenance equipment.

Calder hot wash package

Calder hot wash package.

Oct 2011
Hazardous area, high temperature Hot water wash down package located on the Cellar deck of offshore platform designed for ice removal and general topside cleaning applications. Manufactured to comply with GOST-K & GOST-R standards, supplied with RTN and technical passports, designed for survivability in - 40 degree C environments.


Calder Gains Certification to BS OHSAS18001:2007

14th April 2011

Calder is pleased to announce that it has gained certification to BS OHSAS18001:2007, the internationally recognised standard for Health & Safety management systems.
Certification was achieved at the first attempt, largely because emphasis has been placed on H&S ever since the company was founded by Chairman Ian Calder-Potts in 1984. Accredited by National Quality Assurance (NQA), the OHSAS18001 system is designed to promote a safe and healthy working environment by providing a framework that allows accredited companies to consistently identify and control Health & Safety-related risks. The standard also helps companies to reduce the potential for accidents at work, helps with legislative compliance, and assists with the improvement of overall performance.

For Calder, the BS EN OHSAS18001 accreditation adds to existing accreditations for both the ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 standards.

Health & Safety has been an important part of the long established Calder Integrated Management System. With zero reportable accidents and zero lost working-time cases for more than 5 years, Calder’s H & S performance is well above the industry norm. Like many responsible organisations Calder Ltd implement an occupational Health & Safety management system as part of their risk management strategy to address changing legislation and to protect their most valued asset – the workforce.

The Calder focus on Health & Safety is equally applied in the interests of customers by designing Calder machines for safe transport, installation, commissioning and operation, by providing Water Jetting Association approved safety training for water jetting supervisors and operators, and by the provision of water jetting Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) manufactured to the best available technology.

Calder - GCC New Location, Al-Khobar

Calder - GCC New Location, Al-Khobar

30th November 2010

Due to the business growth within the Middle East/GCC market, Calder has established a permanent facility in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The facility based in Al-Khobar (Eastern Province) enables Calder to offer local support for their products, hold inventory of spare parts and in future to enable local service of equipment that is supplied throughout the Gulf territories. For contact information please click this link to our Contact Us page.

Calder Ltd c/o HOEIT
Warehouse 1,
Rukaz Industrial Area,
Block 438/2, Lot 119,
Saudi Arabia.

ATEX Compliance

ATEX for Offshore Operations 2010
What have we learnt so far…..

23rd November 2010 - Aberdeen, Scotland

Peter Elliott-Moore and Ian Calder-Potts presented a paper entitled ‘ATEX Compliance - A Manufacturer’s Experiences’ at the IMECHE event in Aberdeen on 23rd November 2010 with presentations from the Health & Safety Executive Offshore Division and major companies involved in the Oil & Gas industry.
Well Kill, Bullheading & Chemical Injection Packages

Calder delivers Well Kill, Bullheading & Chemical Injection Packages

Jan 2010

Three high pressure (HP) Well Intervention pump skids and 1 x chemical injection (MEG) skid have been successfully designed, constructed and delivered to a leading Norwegian Well Intervention vessel builder. The scope of supply included Zone 2 and safe area equipment and capable of pressures up to 690 bar injection rates. As well as hazardous area operation the equipment supplied complied with DNV marine/ship board regulations.

Methanol injection package

Calder Methanol Injection Package.

Jan 2010
Calder were contracted by a Norwegian EPC specialist to design and build a packaged Norsok compliant hazardous area High pressure (690 Bar duty) Methanol injection pump skid with integral boost pump and piping. Comprising of 2 x HDP125 Hammelmann process pumps capable of 2 m ³/hr each, our bespoke design allowed minimum of field disassembly effort to install the package and skid components through a small deck access aperture on the platform.

MultiJet high pressure pump unit

Bahrain Demonstration Days.

Nov 2009
Over 3 days in November Calder showcased its latest high pressure water blasting technologies and equipment to an invited audience of specialist industrial contractors, Oil & Gas operators and shipyard owners at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Bahrain. Our mobile high pressure (HP) and ultra high pressure (UHP) pumps, carried out practical demos of twin gun surface preparation, automated Spiderjet based coating removal, abrasive cutting, pipe cleaning and concrete demolition applications. Confirming Calder’s commitment to provide our clients with the highest reliability, most productive & innovative water jet solutions available.

Hammelmann pumps

Middle East Activities.

Calder has recently been appointed as exclusive Middle East/GCC sales & service distributors for Hammelmann high pressure technologies. Our marketing efforts are supported by a well selected and trained agent network that will support our positioning in this important market, further strengthening Calder’s position as the leading privately owned packager of high pressure pumping equipment to the worldwide Oil and Gas exploration, production and refining markets.



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ONS 2020 Stavanger, Norway 31 Aug - 3 Sept 2020 Stand 2640