Andrew Rettie of Denholm MacNamee and Calder’s Jim McNicol

Andrew Rettie of Denholm MacNamee and Calder’s Jim McNicol witnessed a successful factory acceptance test of the latest semi-automated tube bundle cleaning machine.

Over 40 pumps purchased in ten years

March 2020

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Denholm MacNamee, an Aberdeenshire-based support services company, has invested multi-£million in pumping equipment and accessories from Calder since 2010. From tube cleaning equipment for refinery work to high pressure pump units for offshore fabric maintenance, Denholm have put their trust in Calder.

The companies’ relationship has blossomed since managing director (then the operations director), Brian Ritchie, purchased two mobile jetting units in 2010 with a working pressure of 2,450 bar for refinery work around the world. In 2011, Denholm had a requirement for five units for a large project in Kazakhstan. With the local knowledge of Denholm in their overseas operations and the expertise of Calder we jointly developed a range of jetting machines specific for their project and the unique operating conditions in which they were working.

MultiJet unitMultiJet unit

The first mobile jetting units purchased in 2010 by Denholm, each capable of pumping 25 lpm at 2450 bar.

In addition to the high pressure pump units in Denholm’s fleet, they also have a sizeable stock from our BundlePro tube bundle cleaning range which support their heat exchanger projects. Their rental fleet now includes a semi-automated external tube bundle cleaner and numerous Freelance tube cleaning units.

Freelance units being packaged for despatchHigh pressure units for a Denholm project in Kazakhstan

Freelance units being packaged for despatch for a large tube bundle cleaning project.

The development of these high pressure units for a Denholm project in Kazakhstan was one of the first jobs completed at our new factory.

The Denholm offshore fleet now includes 22 ATEX-compliant hazardous area units for specialist cleaning and fabric maintenance work.

ATEX Zone 2 pump unitAtex Zone 2 pump unit control panel

An ATEX Zone 2 pump unit. These units are often used in conjunction with accessories for waterjetting, surface preparation, and the abrasive cold cutting of tanks, pipes and decks.

Whether removing zinc oxide deposits from a coin retort at the Royal Mint, performing the strategic decommissioning of the Brent Spar, or carrying out a multitude of offshore specialist cleaning, surface preparation or onshore/overseas industrial cleaning projects, Denholm use Calder pump units. The effectiveness and reliability of Calder equipment marries perfectly with Denholm’s commitment to ensure shutdown activities minimize disruption and finish on schedule.

Denholm’s managing director, Brian Ritchie and Calder's Jim McNicol
Skid-mounted pump units being collected by Denholm

Two skid-mounted pump units being collected by Denholm in 2018.

Calder has a large customer base in Aberdeen and enjoys a good relationship with many offshore support companies. We are proud that what we do keeps the customer happy in a fast-evolving industry.

Denholm’s managing director, Brian Ritchie, presenting Jim McNicol with a purchase order at the 2013 Offshore Europe exhibition in Aberdeen.

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