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Scale Squeeze

The deposition of mineral scale in down-hole systems is a problem in many water-producing wells. Speciality products are used to inhibit all types of oil-field scale (calcium carbonate, calcium sulphate, barium sulphate and strontium sulphate).

Scale build-up can inhibit flow by clogging perforations or forming a thick lining in production tubing. It can also coat and damage down-hole completion equipment such as safety valves and gas-lift mandrels. Scale build-up causes a significant threat to production rates and, in the most severe instances, can result in a total loss of production or fluid flow in a matter of hours.

Our scale squeeze pump units provide the solution to the problem in a robust, well-designed, reliable package that benefits from many years of design and build experience in hazardous area oil and gas industry pumping equipment.

Scale & Corosion Inhibitor HP Injection Pumps

Scale & Corrosion Inhibitor Injection Pumps (7034)

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