High Pressure Pump Packages - Solutions Overview

We have been designing and manufacturing an innovative and diverse range of high pressure pumping products since 1981. Bespoke products have been provided for many interesting and specialist applications such as injecting oil industry drill cuttings thousands of feet into the earth’s crust; pumping methanol down a 60-km pipeline at 700 bar pressure; removing paint coating from ships’ hulls using water at 3,000 bar (43,500 psi) and using high pressure water to excavate a trench on the sea bed in 1,000 metres of water.

These challenges present Calder with the opportunities required to develop new pumping solutions which continually add to our traditional product applications such as using ultra high pressure water for industrial cleaning, pressure testing of oil and gas pipelines, or chemical injection on offshore platforms. Our solutions can be found operating in the harshest climatic conditions around the globe and in the toughest industries including Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Water Treatment, Nuclear, and Petrochemical.

Whatever your industry, we will work with you to engineer a reliable, high quality, high pressure solution.
See an overview of our oil & gas products: Calder Oil & Gas Solutions.

Compliant with UK, EU, NORSOK, GOST/RTN, IEC ex and US general standards and regulations.

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