Venetian Bridge in Clacton

Works underway on the Venetian Bridge in Clacton.

Venetian Bridge, Clacton
Selective concrete removal, paint removal, and concrete preparation

January 2018

Moisture and corrosive salts have taken their toll on this iconic structure. The repair work started in October and the initial works saw the selective removal of large areas of degraded concrete. The bridge will now be restored to full strength in time for the start of the season.

Concrete repair specialists, Gunite Solutions, were instructed to remove the failed concrete using high pressure water. This method, known as hydrodemolition, is popular where there is a need to remove the concrete whilst leaving the rebar undamaged ready for reconstruction activities. A Calder MultiJet mobile pump unit was used to generate pressures of 2100 bar at a flow rate of 27 litres per minute.

Concrete removed using high pressure waterUndamaged rebar

Concrete removed by Gunite using high pressure water.

The finish quality showing the undamaged rebar.

Gunite Solutions Managing Director, David Porter-Hallett, commented, "Concrete removal works on the bridge are a challenge here due to the need to preserve the detailed cornices and profiles. A UHP jet is ideal for this as the concrete can be removed with a high degree of precision, ensuring only defective concrete is removed. UHP jetting is also to be utilised on this project to remove the paint and prepare the concrete for new cementitious protective coatings. The efficiency of the Multijet rig means we can meet the tight schedule set by our client."

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