Water Jetting Overview

MultiJet hazardous area jetter

MultiJet hazardous area jetter.
Hazardous area machines for Zone 1, Zone 2, NORSOK, and Rig Safe environments.

Water blasting mobile pump unit

MultiJet industrial trailer jetter
MultiJet offers quality, reliability, value for money and ease of maintenance.

Water Jetting Accessories

Water Jetting Accessories A large range of accessories and PPE.


From major construction and civil engineering projects, the decommissioning and decontamination of nuclear installations, the surface preparation of ships’ hulls, to the removal of product contamination in chemical plant, vessels and reactors, our MultiJet machines have led the high pressure water jetting industry for over 30 years.


  • surface preparation
  • heat exchanger and condenser cleaning
  • tube, tank, and vessel cleaning
  • pipe and tube bundle cleaning
  • marine growth removal
  • superstructure/fabric maintenance

  • concrete cutting
  • nuclear decommissioning
  • automotive paint grid and carrier cleaning
  • conveyor screen and filter press cleaning
  • paper industry suction roll cleaning

High Pressure Water Jetting

High pressure water jetting is the use of water at high and ultra high pressures for industrial cleaning, surface preparation, decontamination, hydrodemolition, and numerous other applications. Our range of MultiJet high pressure waterjetting packages is available as diesel engine powered for maximum mobility or electric motor driven for fixed site installation. The versatile MultiJet pump unit can be skid, trailer, crash frame or container mounted to suit your individual water blasting requirements and specifications. Waterjetting units are available from 30 kW (40 HP) up to 750 kW (1,000 HP) at pressures up to 4,000 bar (60,000 psi).

MultiJet pump packages offer many benefits for the user over traditional pump technology; low friction/high efficiency plunger sealing system, oil cooled and pressurized pump gear end, the use of the latest engineering technology to enable robust design and low-weight construction techniques to ensure market-leading performance, energy efficiency, and low lifetime ownership costs. We understand that safety, reliability, value for money and ease of maintenance of the high pressure jetting equipment are of the utmost importance and our commitment to continual improvement is demonstrated in each new generation of MultiJet.

We offer a full range of high pressure waterjetting equipment and accessories including waterblast jetting guns, multi-gun valves, 3D cleaning heads, nozzles, internal tube and external bundle blasting/lancing systems, and protective clothing packages.

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We are members of the Water Jetting Association.

Calder Offshore high pressure water jetting unit.

Offshore high pressure water jetter.

Calder Skid mounted waterjetting unit with protective hood

Skid-mounted waterjetting unit with protective hood.

NORSOK-compliant water jetting package.

NORSOK-compliant waterjetting package.

Calder electric powered high pressure pump unit with on-board controls

Electric powered high pressure pump unit with on-board controls.

Hammelmann pumps

Full range of Hammelmann pumps.

High pressure water jetting accessories and protective clothing

Calder supply a full range of accessories and protective clothing for ultra high pressure jetting.