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Well Service Mud Pumping

We design and manufacture robust, functional, reliable high pressure pumping equipment for mud injection applications around the world. Every Calder Waste Injection unit incorporates the proven inherent attributes of quality and reliability whilst matching individual installation requirements. The mud pump unit is designed to operate over a wide range of flows and pressures for the injection of seawater and slurries consisting of drill cuttings, drilling muds and sand into subsea strata as demanded by the oil drilling industry worldwide.

Drive Options

We have the experience and skills to engineer a cost-effective solution to your mud pump requirements in a range of operating environments utilising the best engineering practices, and designing the system to be either diesel, electric or hydraulic powered.

MUD 562 Triplex Piston Pump

MUD 562 Triplex Piston Pump (7070)

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Calder Waste Injection (CRI) Pump Units

High Pressure Multi-Purpose Pumping Solutions (7097)

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