Well service methanol injection pump skid-3 Well service methanol injection pump-skid-2

HPHT well service methanol injection units. Two of these Zone 2 pump units are currently in use in the North Sea.

Well Service Pumps and Well Intervention Pumps

We design and manufacture well service and well intervention pumps for hazardous environment operation. Our pump packages achieve your application-specific flow and pressure requirements and meet the hazardous area standards and specifications of the operating region including NORSOK, ATEX, and IECEx. These pump units all benefit from Calder’s wealth of offshore, hazardous area design and engineering experience which has made our products popular and trusted with oil & gas operators.

Applications include:

  • well stimulation
  • chemical injection
  • fracturing
  • cementing
  • BOP testing
  • well kill
  • pressure testing
  • CRI waste injection
  • water flood

Well Service Pumps

Well service methanol injection pump skid-1.jpg

Chemical injection package utilising the Hammelmann, vertical reciprocating plunger pump

Well service pump skid with environmental enclosure.jpg

Well service waste injection unit with stainless steel noise/environmental enclosure

Well service BOP test system pump unit-1.jpg

BOP test pump system mounted in a lightweight crash frame offering protection during transportation

Post completion, there are many well service applications requiring a large range of pressures, flows and pumped medium. With maintenance and well integrity critical, our in-house design and engineering team focuses on safety and reliability to ensure our products meet the high expectations of our customers.

Well Intervention Pumps

Well intervention pump container

Well intervention pressure test unit capable of a variety of well stimulation and injection duties

Well service cuttings -re-injection pump skid-2

Multi-purpose pump for well stimulation applications

Well service scale inhibitor injection pump skid

Compact chemical injection pump skid

Our range of products covers all pumping applications for well work towards the end of the life of a well. Our combination of standard products, bespoke engineering capabilities, and product quality ensure we have the solution to your well intervention pumping requirements.

Multi-purpose Offshore Pump Units

Well service cuttings re-injection pump skid-1.jpg Well intervention HPHT

For the injection of

  • cuttings (CRI)
  • caste fluids
  • slurries
  • drilling fluids
  • deck drainage
  • treatment fluids
  • workover fluids
  • completion fluids
  • hydrostatic test water
  • NORM


  • skid
  • container
  • skid and noise hood
  • crash frame
  • electric
  • diesel
  • hydraulic
  • pneumatic
  • variable flows
  • local or remote control
  • data acquisition
  • performance monitoring
Well service compact chemical injection pump skid TEG Well service air driven scale inhibitor pump Well service chemical injection pump skid with integral tank Well service BOP test system pump unit-2 Well intervention container unit with integral hosereel Well intervention MEG injection pump skid with integral tank Well intervention MEG injection pump skid Well service cuttings re-injection pump skid with integral noise enclosure Well service hydrate inhibitor skid

See our application-specific well service and intervention pump units

Calder Waste Injection (CRI) Pump Units

High Pressure Multi-Purpose Pumping Solutions (7097)

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DNV 2.7-2 Compliance - Video Presentation

DNV 2.7-2 compliance - Video Presentation.